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Mole Removal Cost

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Many people that struggle with moles often wonder the mole removal cost and the best mole remover products. The skin is the largest part of our body, and it has many uses for us. It protects us from many external hazards that may harm our body, and it also reflects the status of the health of our body.

It is also important in cosmetic terms, since most often; beauty is judged by how beautiful and how healthy the skin is. However, there are times when skin problems cannot be controlled from appearing on the skin, such as moles. The good thing is that there are several options for removing these moles.

Mole Removal Cost – Is it worth?

Moles can be a boon or a bane; it all depends upon the way you perceive the whole matter. Apart from it, the cost of mole removal is also a consideration. For some people, the presence of a mole at strategic points can be an indication of a person’s personality or future outcomes.

For others, the moles are just an unwanted growth, which ought to be removed as early as possible. The cost mole removal can be a factor that these people might postpone the removal, but they will do it nevertheless. For the people who are wealthy and rich and hell bent of the removal of their moles will definitely not worry about the expenses of mole remover. However, the question still remains as it were – is the procedure worth it after all the costs involved?

What Are Moles And Its Types?

Having a mole is one of the very common things. But for some people, they can be a nightmare especially if they are at the places on the body which can turn embarrassing. After all, not all the moles are well desired as in the case of Hollywood beauty Cindy Crawford. Moles in general terms can be a simple colored flat or outgrowth of the body.

The facial mole removal expense can be more as compared to the mole removers from other places on the body. But so long as the removal can give a boost to your self-confidence and moods, it is really worth the effort, pain and the mole removal laser cost.

But in medical terms, there is more than what meets the eye. Depending on the location and the type of mole, the urgency of mole removal and the cost of mole removal by plastic surgeon, one needs to take the decision. Following the directions of common sense, one should always consult a doctor before a mole removal. Cancerous moles are the ones which need to be immediately removed irrespective cost of the mole removal.

Moles are small, dark discolorations on the skin that can vary greatly in appearance. Moles can range from tiny dots to larger spots, from slightly darker than surrounding skin to nearly black, from being circular to asymmetrical, from benign to malignant, from smooth to raise or even hairy.

While some individuals may consider large moles, multiple moles, or a mole on face to be unsightly, the primary concern with moles is whether or not they’re cancerous. Generally, moles can be classified into 3 types of moles: regular moles, irregular moles, and cancerous moles.

Different Types Of Moles On Skin

Regular Moles

Regular moles are benign moles that usually appear symmetrical. They may be present at birth, or they may appear later in life. Regular moles are generally uniform in color and are usually quite small – less than the size of a pencil eraser (approximately 7 mm). Regular moles can appear as a dark bump in the skin or they can appear flat. Regular moles may also have hair on them, though this is completely harmless.

If your mole matches this description, there’s generally no need for concern, as regular moles are virtually always benign, though in a very small percentage of cases, regular moles may become irregular and potentially cancerous over time. It’s important to routinely monitor regular moles to ensure that they don’t become cancerous.

Irregular Moles

Irregular moles typically appear less symmetrical than their regular counterparts. Irregular moles are not symmetrical and may have irregular borders, multiple colors, and are larger than the size of a typical pencil eraser. These moles have a certain percentage of cells that have a potential to become cancerous, though irregular moles are not a sign of cancer, nor do irregular moles always become cancerous.

A common misconception when diagnosing regular moles vs. irregular moles is the presence of a bump accompanying the mole. The layperson often becomes concerned when their mole is raised, rather than flat. However, irregular moles are very often flat, while most raised moles are actually regular moles. Any mole that is asymmetrical and larger than the size of a pencil eraser should be examined by a physician, particularly if it has multiple colors or irregular borders.

Cancerous Moles

Cancerous moles are types of moles on the skin that have become malignant. Cancerous moles generally start as irregular moles that contain the potential for cancerous growth. Early detection of cancerous moles is absolutely critical. All individuals should examine themselves monthly for irregular moles that could potentially turn cancerous, as well as undergo annual mole exams with a dermatologist, especially for individuals who have a lot of moles on their skin.

Potentially cancerous or irregular moles appear most frequently on sun exposed skin such as the upper back, back of the neck, shoulders or ears. However, they can make an appearance anywhere on the body.

Cancerous Moles Symptoms

The symptoms for cancerous moles are very similar to those of an irregular mole at first. Any irregular mole should be checked out by a dermatologist, but especially any irregular mole that is changing in appearance or “evolving”. Cancerous moles symptoms can easily be remembered by keeping in mind the “ABCDE” of melanomas.

  • Assymetrical
  • Irregular Borders
  • Multiple Colors
  • Diameter greater than that of a pencil eraser (7mm)
  • Evolving, changing, or new

Types of Moles & Cancerous Moles Treatment

Moles in general are not dangerous. Everyone has moles, whether they’re congenital nevi that are present at birth, or dysplastic nevi (irregular moles) that appear later in life and require monitoring. Moles do not generally require medical attention, but certain types of moles may require the attention of a dermatologist. Consult a dermatologist if:

  • Any new moles appear significantly different than any other moles you already have
  • Moles appear to be evolving or changing in color, size, height, or shape
  • Any new moles appear after the age of 20
  • You have itchy moles or moles that are bleeding, oozing pus, painful, or that look scaly

If your dermatologist detects a mole that appears potentially cancerous, he/she will decide whether to simply remove the entire mole, or take a biopsy, where a sample is removed from the mole and examined under a microscope. If the mole is determined to be malignant following the biopsy, the dermatologist will simply remove the entire mole along with the surrounding skin. It’s a simple procedure to remove cancerous moles when they are detected early.

Considerations on Mole Removal Cost

The mole removal cost is the procedure can depend on several things. For one, the fact that the mole removal is a necessity or only for cosmetic reasons can affect the cost. The removal of an inborn mole that seriously bothers your image or affects you in your activities of daily living can be covered by the insurance company. Most commonly, the cost of a mole that is removed for cosmetic reasons only can be much more expensive that those removed for health reasons, since moles removed for health reasons or other valid reasons can be covered by the insurance company.

Since skin cancers, such as melanomas, are becoming common nowadays, atypical moles can be removed by the dermatologist with the cost being covered by the insurance company. This is because the mole can be considered as a threat to health and life and thus, necessary to be removed.

However, if the mole would only be removed for cosmetic reasons, the insurance company might not accept covering the cost of the mole removal, but there is another way. You may go to a psychiatrist and talk about how the mole is affecting your everyday life and interferes with your activities of daily living. A written recommendation of the removal of the mole may be acquired. With this, you may get the insurance company to cover the mole removal cost.

Having a mole can be not only seen as a danger cosmetically, but also to your mental health and physical health if it looks dangerous. The mole removal cost should not be a hindrance for you to get the proper treatment that you deserve. Research more on the policies of the insurance companies or the cost of the clinic or doctors that may do the procedures, it may significantly reduce the price that you have to pay.

Mole Removal Cost

Treatment Types For Moles

There are two primary reasons why individuals want moles treated or removed – cosmetic reasons and for cancer prevention. Four types of moles that are irregular or cancerous, it’s important to have them removed before they cause skin cancer. For regular moles that are otherwise benign, mole removal is done for aesthetic purposes.

However, just because moles are removed for cosmetic reasons doesn’t mean that the effect is purely superficial. Large, unsightly moles can cause individuals to be self conscious and reduce self-esteem. Since mole removal is generally affordable and risk-free, there is little downside to remove a large mole, even for purely aesthetic reasons.

How To Remove A Mole

While there are various home mole removal quits advertised online and in print, you should only be going to a qualified health professional to remove a mole. Removing moles is safe under the supervision of a dermatologist, though removing large moles will sometimes leave a mole removal scar, no matter how skilled or qualified the dermatologist. Below, we discuss a number of treatment types for moles, how they work, and their effectiveness.

Removing A Mole Surgically

This is the quickest and most common way moles are removed. Both benign as well as malignant moles may be removed surgically. There are two primary surgical methods used to remove moles:

  • Surgical excision
  • Surgical shave4
  • Punch biopsy

The option your physician chooses will depend on the type of mole. With either option, your physician will apply a local anesthetic to numb the area prior to treatment. While mole excision or shaving is considered surgery, the procedure is quick and relatively simple. With surgical excision, the surgeon uses a scalpel to cut away the mole as well as the surrounding skin if the mole is cancerous or particularly large, and afterward closes the wound with stitches.

Depending on the depth and size of the mole, the physician might also remove the mole above the surface of the skin so that the wound doesn’t require stitches. This method is known as a surgical shave. This generally results in a better cosmetic outcome (no mole removal scar), but may not be an option for larger or cancerous moles.

After numbing the mole and surrounding skin with a local anesthetic, the physician will use a scalpel to shave the mole down to the skin or cut directly beneath the mole. Stitches are generally not needed as the doctor takes precautions to avoid damage to the surrounding skin. This option is generally only available to smaller, non-cancerous moles. However, it also ensures that there will be no mole removal scar.

For very small moles, the physician may advise a punch biopsy to remove the mole. A punch biopsy is a pin-point removal method for small moles done using a cookie-cutter like device. This is probably the least intrusive surgical mole removal method, but it’s not effective for every type of mole.

Generally speaking, surgical/excision methods of removing moles are the most effective mole removal techniques we have today and are recommended for most mole treatments.

Laser Removal Of Moles

Laser removal of moles involves using advanced laser equipment to shave down the mole to the skin level. Laser mole removal is often touted as a quick, effective a way to remove moles – particularly for cosmetic purposes. However, laser removal of moles is not the most effective treatment type for moles at the moment, given that the lasers don’t penetrate deeply enough to get rid of deep moles.

Cryogenic Mole Removal

Cryogenic mole removal is a method of removing moles that utilizes liquid nitrogen to freeze the mole at temperatures of minus 320 degrees Farenheit. This kills the cells of the mole, causing it to die and fall off. While freezing moles are less invasive and cheaper than surgery and can be an easy way to get rid of small moles, it’s fairly ineffective against larger or deeper moles and cancerous moles. Often a mole that falls off due to cryogenic mole removal can grow back if the freezing didn’t go deep enough.

Mole Removal Cost

Surgical Mole Removal Cost

Though there are many diverse procedures to root out a mole, but the laser based procedure is quite popular despite the laser mole removal cost. But more often, one would find that the dermatologists do not recommend that as it does not remove the mole totally.

The fact that the laser mole removal cost is quite a lot and the mole root is always maintained is a very big factor for dermatologists to recommend against it. The laser treatment only removes the mole from beneath the upper layer of the skin. Such treatments which remove the moles only from the epidermis and not the endodermis are not fully trusted.

Such a treatment cannot be done as the cost of laser mole removal will not be recovered and there are chances of the mole showing up in a few months’ time.

Another procedure to remove the mole on the body completely is by using liquid nitrogen on the affected spot. The cosmetic mole removal cost is quite a lot as this is understood to be a permanent solution for mole removal.

After the procedure has been done, it has been noticed that there is no further growth of any sort in that place. Due to this, the doctors recommend this procedure first and the cost for mole removal in this way is on the higher side. This way of mole removal using liquid nitrogen is considered quite safe and without any negative repercussions.

The third and one of the second most popular methods of mole removal is to perform cauterization. In this method of mole removal, the mole is removed and the place is burnt to medically close or seal the wound. The skin mole removal cost is also quite a lot as this too is a permanent way to remove the moles.

Though there may be some scars left, but nowadays even that can be avoided. Surgeons performing mole removal surgeries often do not burn the wound but close it with a few stitches. As the stitch heals, the scars too go away with the passage of time. The cost also depends upon the place where the surgery is performed, for example the cost of mole removal on face will be substantially more than any other part of the body.

Non-surgical Mole Removal Cost Procedures 

Apart from the medical ways of mole removal, there are fewer home based and non-surgical mole removal methods which are completely safe and have absolutely no side effects. These methods of treatments are made at home. Remedies such as tying a growth with the single strand of horse’s hair or applying ginger or garlic juice etc. Are not only safe, but also prevent us from bearing the hefty plastic surgery cost of the mole removal.

Nevertheless, all these methods and tips of mole removal expenses and specific mole removers should always be discussed with the doctor prior to trying them at home. Sometimes, these tips may backfire and one becomes forced to shell out a lot more than the original mole removal cost by a plastic surgeon.

Another method of mole removal is the use of creams and lotions. These are also a unique and intelligent way to reduce mole removal cost without insurance and still remove the mole with medical aid. These products are specially formulated in order to fight small and benign mole and not the cancerous moles. These Types of mole removal cost far less and can be effective when applied consistently.

After all, these procedures and treatments are meant for the mole removal of mole but one definitely needs to consider the benefits as well as disadvantages apart from the average cost of mole removal. Consult your medical specialist or dermatologist regarding the cheapest mole removal procedure and its related cosmetic surgery mole removal cost.

Depending upon the type of the mole, the removal procedure will be undertaken and the mole removal surgery cost is determined. The question whether the cost of the removal procedure justifies it or not, is entirely subjective in nature and open to speculation. In fact, it can be best answered by the person himself. 

How To Remove Moles Naturally

Many individuals wanting to get rid of moles look for natural mole removal or ways to remove moles at home. While there are a number of mole removal creams and remedies that purport to be effective, the only effective way to remove moles is to see a dermatologist. It’s easy to see the allure of mole removal creams and ointments: it’s cheap, non-invasive, and can be performed in the comfort of your own home.

Discussing mole removal with a physician is also embarrassing for some individuals, thus mole removal creams offer a convenient alternative. But while natural creams and ointments can be effective in treating a number of different skin conditions, they generally do not work for mole removal. The creams either have little to no effect, or they could potentially be harmful substances that – if applied incorrectly – can cause damage to surrounding skin cells as well.

Recommended Best Products To Remove Moles Naturally 

With this guide, you will find some best products to remove moles naturally. All these products are very cheap in price and very good views. We have reviewed different types of products for you to give you clear ideas on best mole removal products of options to choose. 

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Follow Up After Mole Removal

Following, any mole treatment it’s important to monitor the area to ensure that the mole doesn’t grow back. For those concerned with appearances, it’s also important to take some basic steps to help reduce the chances of mole removal scars. After any mole removal procedure – especially for cancerous moles – monitor the area regularly for any signs that the mole is coming back.

Because moles can go deep under the surface of the skin, they can often grow back if not completely removed. While moles are unlikely to return after excision with stitches, more superficial procedures can allow the mole to return.

Following mole removal, the area should be cleansed twice daily. This can be done with water or a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution. Your doctor will also prescribe an antibiotic cream that can be applied daily if you underwent a surgical procedure. To reduce the chances of scarring, apply Vitamin E products to the area, but only after the wound heals. Applying Vitamin E products too early may actually increase the chances of mole removal scarring.

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