Causes of Warts

Causes of Warts And How To Prevent Them

In this article let me try and address the causes of Warts and How Can you avoid them.

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What Are Warts and why does it happen?

Before I get into the Causes of Warts, let’s look at what are they. Warts are kind of tumor-like formation on the human skin because of a virus known as the Human Papilloma Virus commonly referred as HPV. This particular virus leads to create a hard protein called keratin. Keratin gets accumulated in the uppermost layer of the skin which causes the skin to grow abnormally, leading to a hard as well as a rough texture on the skin which is called Wart.

Warts are generally harmless but they certainly look unappealing and unattractive. They usually clear up all by their own self; however, particular treatments can be useful in getting rid of them in a quicker manner. Warts are contagious but normally are not painful.

Causes of Warts

Signs and Symptoms of Warts:

Some of the common symptoms and signs of warts include; Rough to the touch, Grainy, Fleshy, and Small Bumps on the skin. These are normally Tan, Pink, White or Flesh-colored.

You must be wondering how can you get Warts!!

There could be various reasons such as you can get them from using infected person’s towels or several other objects that are used by the person infected with warts. Having warts on the genitals are extremely infectious and they can be easily transmitted to another individual during anal, vaginal or even oral sex. Some of the HPV types tend to cause Warts on different parts of the body such as fingernails, fingers, hands, and feet or even in your face.

Some of the most common preventive practices of Warts are as following:

First and foremost, avoid having direct contact with a person having HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). Avoid using the personal items such as razors, or sharing towels of the infected person, as these are some of the means of spreading it to you. Scratching or Picking warts can also be another reason for the virus to spread. The virus can enter through the skin via scratches or cuts at different parts of your body. Also, avoid sex or take protection to be safe from getting infected from Warts Virus. These practices will save you from the basic Causes of Warts.

Treatments for Wart – Home Remedies OR Other Methods?

You should know that treating warts is not that difficult, particularly removing them. But the real problem is to ensure that they don’t reoccur. Removal of Wart is more of a symptomatic treatment which does not guarantee that Warts will not reoccur, reason being these are viral skin problems. The only way you can ensure that Warts don’t reoccur is to improve and tune your body’s immune system to fight these viruses.

So Home remedy or other modes of remedy is good for removing the warts but parallel to this you should also treat by some medicine which is particularly designed to improve your body’s immune system. This method is typically known as Immunotherapy. You can get this treatment from your doctor but it will be expensive or try a product called Wartrol which is Natural Medicine to Fight Warts, in particular, Genital Warts. So the best treatment combination might be a removal via Home Remedy.

I hope by now you know the main Causes of Warts, their treatments and how to prevent them. Hope this article will help you to understand Causes of Warts better.

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