How To Remove Skin Tags

How To Remove Skin Tags Yourself

Tired of skin tags? Want them removed? Are you becoming self-conscious regarding your appearance due to skin tags? Hmm, how to remove skin tags yourself at home? Then there are some of the best and effective methods of removing skin tags:-

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Tea Tree Oil

The first method is by using tea tree oil. This is a natural way of removing the hideous skin tags which every one of us is worried about. The oil removes the skin tags without harming our skin with a very simple remedy: first, you soak a ball of cotton in water, then put the tree oil on it and finally rub the cotton ball against your skin tag. This procedure has to be repeated two-three times a day for some days until the tag disappears of falls off.

How To Remove Skin Tags Yourself at Home 

Herbal Extracts

The second procedure is to use herbal extracts. This is also one of the natural methods and this medicine is obtained from plants which have been known for their healing powers of numerous skin infections and diseases. The names include Thuja Occidentalis, Melaleuca Alternifolia, and Ricinus Communis. The method is the same for using this natural medicine as well.

Caster oil

Another oil that is popularly used for removing skin tags is Castor oil. Give it a try! Because the procedure is really interesting. Make a paste of the baking soda and then smoothly apply it on your skin tag 2-3 times a day till they come off.

How To Remove Skin Tags Yourself


Duct Tape

Do you want to try removing skin tags yourself by using duct tape? Well, then you just have to cut a piece of duct tape, cover your skin tag and then tape the skin tag on it. Don’t rush but wait for at least forty-eight hours and then check your skin tag. If you still don’t see any improvement, then change the duct tape.

Vitamin E plus a Band-Aid

Next method- for this method you will require vitamin E plus a band-aid. Take out a band-aid, put some vitamin E on it and then apply it on your skin tag.

Ok I know some of you will hesitate after reading this method but this is one of the fastest methods of removing skin tags. Disinfect scissors or nail clippers and also clean your skin tag and then gently cut it using a scissor or nail clipper. After removing it apply some peroxide. This will help you stop bleeding. However, this is a bit risky.

Nail Polish

Another method is to cover your skin tag with nail polish for at least three times a day. Do this for 10 days and you will see the difference. The key to success for this method—– Be PATIENT!!=)

W Freeze

The last way to get rid of your skin tags is to compound w freeze. Somewhat similar to using vitamin E or the duct tape. You just have to apply it on the tag and then wait for it to fall off.

So from now on you know how to remove skin tags yourself! The next time a skin tag tries to hinder your beauty you know what you have to do! We hope you found this article helpful.

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