Symptoms Of Genital Warts

Major Symptoms Of Genital Warts

Genital warts symptoms vary from person to person. The symptoms that are found for one person may not be present for another person who has the infection. In most cases, Symptoms Of Genital Warts are mistaken for other medical conditions. This is what makes genital warts hard to detect especially in the early stages.

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Some people have genital warts but do not experience any Symptoms Of Genital Warts. There are some genital warts that are very small and they are quite invisible to the naked eye especially if the genital warts are in the vaginal wall. These are just some of the reasons why a person who is infected with genital warts needs professional medical help.

Some Major Symptoms Of Genital Warts

Genital warts manifest in two ways:

The first one may appear just like regular warts that you see in the body.

The second looks like flat lesions that may be single or clustered. They are whitish in color.

Aside from their appearance, here are 4 major genital warts symptoms that you need to take note if you have genital warts.

Swollen Lumps around the genital skin

Swollen or a lump around the genital skin, which may grow in time and they are usually in grey or pink in color.


Most patients who have genital warts usually experience itchiness and discomfort in the surrounding skin area.

Burning Sensation

There is usually some burning sensation apart from the discomforting itchiness a person experience.

Pain during sexual intercourse

Most patients who have warts in their genitals usually experience pain and might see blood stains during sexual intercourse.

Genital warts are often times very small and they are not even visible to the naked eye. In most cases, a person who has the HPV virus is not aware that he or she has been infected since there are no signs and symptoms of the virus. In most cases, genital warts will only be detected once complications start to show.

Women with genital warts usually have an abnormal pap smear test result. This could determine if the person has HPV virus or if the person is exposed to the virus. If you experience the 4 major symptoms, it is recommended to seek medical help. It will prevent you from having further complications and transmission of the infection to others.

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