Skin Tags Removal Home Remedies

Free Skin Tags Removal Home Remedies

While there are many methods how you can have your skin tags removed, most of these methods are quite expensive. You need to pay the doctor’s fee. Those who are affected look for alternative options which are more economical to remove all skin tags. Now it is a very easy way to remove Skin Tags Removal Home Remedies.

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Some people tie their skin tags tightly at their stalk or peduncle and then snip them using a very sharp and sterilized pair of scissors. Sometimes, cutting them off could cause your skin to bleed and be infected so this method is actually not advisable. Below are other home remedies you could use to remove your skin tags.

Thread or Dental Floss
Ligation is another method of removing the skin tags. Using a dental floss or a durable thread, tightly tie the thread at the stalk and let stand for a couple of days. As the blood flow to the skin tags is blocked, the tissues in the skin tags die. After several days, the skin tags will discolor and vanish on their own.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
ACV can help take away skin tags. Put a little amount of ACV on a cotton ball and apply on the skin tags for two to three times daily. Continue applying ACV until all skin tags discolor and fell on their own.

The Duct Tape Method
This method is among the most known methods of removing skin tags and is very easy to do. Completely cover the skin tags using a duct tape. Allow the duct tape to stay on the skin tags for 2 or 3 days. If the duct tape begins to get loose, check the skin tags if they got loose as well. Change the duct tape as it loosens.

Tea Tree Oil
Wash the areas where the skin tags are connected. Put 3 drops of the oil on a cotton ball and apply on the skin tags. Repeat these procedures 3 times daily until the skin tags are eliminated. If you feel a stinging sensation on the skin when you directly apply the oil, you may dilute the oil using an equal amount of water and apply this onto the skin tags.

Combine castor Oil with Baking Soda
Combine baking soda with castor oil to make a paste. Apply this paste onto the skin tags twice or thrice daily to dry them. You may cover the skin tags after you have applied the paste.

Vitamin E oil
You can use a vitamin E supplement to remove your skin tags. Open the capsule and apply it on the skin tags and cover using a band aid. This will hinder the blood supply to the skin tags. After several days, check the skin tags if they have loosened or detached already. If not, apply another vitamin e and cover again using a band aid. Repeat these procedures until the tags are removed.

Hope you will be very useful to use above remedies to remove your best skin tags removal home remedies.

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